Roxanne Brousseau-Félio was born in Ottawa. Her Visual Arts Studies introduced her to great teachers: renown Canadian artist Kenneth Lochhead, Film Editor Jean Oser and Photographer Alain Desvergnes also Founder of  Les Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles, France.

She relocated to Texas to pursue her Master’s in Educational Media & Technology from Texas A&M University and apprenticed at KAMU-TV.  Followed by a career in the Film/Television industry in Los Angeles. Working on the Emmy Award winning TV series 'The Wonder Years' along with several other television shows.

She worked in the Story Dept. and for Norman Brokaw at the William Morris Agency aka  William Morris Endeavor.

Returning to her native Ottawa, she got a teaching degree and taught Art & Technology from K-8. Co-Wrote book curriculum connected The Young Civil Engineer - The Quebec Bridge.

More recently, has devoted her time and effort towards producing and exploring new media along with a solo exhibit at the Shenkman Arts Centre called MsPerceptions. She participated in int'l. group shows via Los Angeles, Estonia, Italy, curating online live-stream events  with a reachability of 35+ countries connecting artists creatively from their art studios.

She works with a variety of mediums. From Video Editing to crafting crystal mobiles, jewelry  from gemstones and exotic wood.

Currently, serves as Artistic Director for Levure littéraire, a quarterly international multi-disciplinary and multilingual e-magazine for information and cultural talent. She is a devoted supporter/sponsor of  Young at Art and continues to feature talent from many specialties of fine arts.
Roxanne is represented by the Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art (LACDA).

The Production page notes current directions.
The Levure Litteraire page notes International artists personally selected/featured on the webzine with the aim to highlight the broader spectrum of Fine Arts.
Post-Production highlights endeavours produced.
My interests are varied lending themselves to a specialty Communications (Media), Fine Arts, Education and Technology.
The Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) maintains an updated record of ongoing studies towards additional qualifications in education. I started my career as a Producer for Live television at KAMU-TV (PBS) in College Station, Texas, followed by working with New World Television on 9 pilots including the Prime time Emmy  Award winning series  The Wonder Years in Los Angeles and the renown William Morris Talent Agency under the direction of Norman Brokaw.  In Ottawa, I had the privilege of teaching 100+ students from Jr. Kindergarten to grade 8. Resourcefully, I curated and was featured on CNN Television International  'Greening the Infrastructure' networking and engaging artists from around the globe.  I'm a keen learner and continue to explore ways of seeing, bridging minds and moments creatively.

Roxanne Brousseau Félio,  B.A, M.Ed., B.Ed. OCT.
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